Why choose Athena Life?

There are a number of different companies providing stem cell banking. Why should we choose Athena Life?

There are lots of options in Hong Kong. But they're not at all alike and the differences are really very important to be aware of.  If you're already in labour it may feel impossible to make sure you've the necessary information to make a well informed choice, but making the wrong one could have a huge impact on your baby actually having viable stem cells to use if they need to.

We outline a few key things to be aware of when making your choice.  But give us a call - night or day we'll be only too happy to help answer any questions you may have so that you make the best possible choice for you and your growing family.

Whilst cost is an important consideration you should make the best informed choice, even if your time to do so is limited, as it is now!



Perhaps the most important consideration is the fact that laboratories in Hong Kong are not independently regulated and normally have industry certifications  (i.e. are monitored by the industry itself). This does not afford any significant degree of protection for you and your family should anything happen to those businesses either physically or financially. The independent government regulators in the U.K. not only monitor both public and rivals stem cell facilities but also ensure, even in the case of a financial failure, your families important assets are fully protected. Facilities in Hong Kong simply can't offer this level of protection and in truth are not necessarily clear about what would happen to your valuable stem cells should they financially fail.

By choosing Athena Life, your baby's stem cells are stored in the most highly certified, accredited licenced private stem cell bank in the world.  It also happens to be the largest private stem cell facility in the U.K. (larger than all other U.K. banks combined) which assures you and your family protection for decades to come.


Transportability of your stem cells for the best possible specialists when needed

Current law prevents export of stem cells (even your own) outside of China. As Hong Kong's one-country-two-systems environment evolves It is not clear if such restrictions would be applied here, too. By storing your baby's cord blood and tissue in in the U.K. you can have peace of mind that if and when you need to use your child's stem cells you treatment centre options will not be restricted to the PRC.


Other providers may have "special offers". But in truth, they often have lighter/simpler versions of their services available at such rates. Not only are they not regulated but alarm bells should ring if you're being encouraged to go with the cheapest option at such a critical decision making time - you may not get all you think you're signing up for. In terms of numbers of years coverage and all the hidden extra fees you'd may later find out about - such options normally don't work out to be the cheapest afterall and in truth may cost you more, not just financially, but in terms of your ability to actually utilise the stem cells for your family's health when it's needed most.

Not only do we provide 25 years fully regulated services with no additional hidden costs. We are entirely transparent with our pricing and you can be assured that you are getting the best possible rate you can for our superior levels of services.

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Finally, some doctors recommend certain providers. Some providers give financial rewards to doctors for doing so. From an ethical point of view Athena Life do not believe in rewarding doctors financially for such recommendations. We never have and we never will. We are happy to confirm that any OB/GYNs that do recommend us do so purely because they believe we are the best option available in Hong Kong and not because they receive financial benefit from us to do so.