Why choose Athena Life?


We acknowledge that there is a large choice of providers of stem cell blood and tissue storage in Hong Kong. All options are not created equal, however.  For a small difference in cost the actual protection offered to you and your family, for the long term, can vary greatly.

We believe you should choose to entrust us with your child’s special cells because:

  • Athena Life is the best provider in Hong Kong to store your child’s stem cells in a fully independently regulated facility

  • We provide a clear and simple pricing model with a one-time, all-inclusive price that includes either cord blood or cord blood AND tissue

  • Jennifer Heathfield-Lee founded the company in order to provide access to Hong Kong parents to the finest available global storage options with honest advice and guidance regarding these options, including complete transparency on related fees

  • The future of storage facilities based in Hong Kong and the availability of your sample for future therapeutic use is unclear under current political circumstances

  • Athena Life does not have a Sales Team.  We do not work on commission or offer any kick backs to other professionals who are part of the collection process (doctors, nurses, hospitals etc).

  • We are a family run company who put our customer’s needs first. We are here to provide clear, impartial advice to help you navigate what is a complex environment at an already busy and difficult time in your lives. We make the whole process simple and straightforward and as easy as it possibly can be.

Please contact us, for what will always be, a no pressure discussion on how best we can help you to ensure you collect potentially life saving cells from the birth of your child and store them to be of benefit to your family in the future.