“At Athena Life we strongly believe that every parent should be as well informed as possible about all the options available to them - before during and after birth.

Prior to my daughter's birth, I didn't understand the benefits of stem cell storage and immediately regretted not storing her cord blood.  I was pleased to rectify this mistake with the birth of my second child; knowing what I do now, storing his cord blood and tissue was definitely the right decision for our family.  Alongside the current applications of stem cell technology and with new therapies discovered daily, our entire family may one day benefit for my son's stem cells.

My aim is to share my personal experience and knowledge about the many benefits of stem cell technology, helping as many parents as possible in an honest and easy-to-understand way.

By being better informed, we can all make the right choices for our families."

Jennifer Heathfield-Lee, mum of two and founder of Athena Life